Does CIS have Clipboard and screen content protection?

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Agnitum have announced in their latest blog that they are introducing new protection in forthcoming releases of their products, that protection is Clipboard and screen content protection
Source: agnitum blog site

[b]Next blog posting in Outpost 7.5 series refers to clipboard protection, a new direction to safeguard users against inadvertent data disclosure and ID theft.

Aside from keyloggers and keyboard spyware, both of which are detected by Outpost’s antimalware and proactive protection technologies, new type of malicious software has recently appeared which grabs personal data (passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) from the clipboard (so called clipboard-loggers) or sends randomly-taken screenshots (screenloggers) to hackers.[/b]

Clipboard content protection functionality is now included in the anti-leak module, to prevent data leaks and inadvertent information disclosure during copy operations. You don’t have to worry about cutting and pasting personally-identifiable information while you’re online, or entering confidential information into an on-screen form.

Can any one tell me if Comodo have this protection included in their products?

If you disable the sandbox I believe you have complete protection from clipboard and screen content logging.

With the sandbox enabled there are some methods which are able to log your information. However, any attempts to send it out will cause a firewall popup. Therefore none of your private information can be sent to cyber-criminals without your express permission.

I hope that answers your question.


Thanks for your answer,and well detailed. Thank you.