Does CFP 3 D+ conflict with/replace need for other resident anti-spyware?

I have been unable to find a way to use Malwarebyte’s Anti-Malware (MBAM) resident protection without seriously slowing down my PC, regardless of the mode I set for D+. This conflict has persisted through the last several versions of both MBAM and CFP 3. I have MBAM designated as a trusted application in both my Firewall and D+/Advanced/Security Policy tabs. Only when I disable MBAM’s real-time protection, does the problem disappear.

On the other hand, if I enable Windows Defender real-time protection, I see no conflict with D+. In both scenarios, I am also running BOClean 4.25

I have no other resident anti-spyware apps.

My questions are:

  1. Does CFP with D+ enabled completely replace the need for other real-time anti-spyware protection?
  2. Has anyone noticed any conflict between D+ and any other real-time AS program?

XP Pro/SP2
NOD32 v2.7

You need an anti-virus and anti-spyware as well as Comodo Firewall with D+.

I can’t comment on MBAM as I’ve never used it, but D+ and the Comodo firewall do not normally conflict with other AV programs, except in rare cases.

See the info at the bottom of my post. I run all those with no problems whatsoever and no noticeable slow down. They are all free versions as well. I have not found the need to pay for any software with these excellent ones around.

Hope that helps,


P.S. If you use Spybot choose v.1.4 (not v1.5 which has problems) and don’t turn on the’ Teatime’ function (that has conflicted with Comodo products in the past).

Look in your D+ events and see if its listed there under memory access. SAS does this and I have tio exclude it from being blocked by memory access. There is more then one module alot when you use a program. With SAS there is the updater and the program itself. I make the updater an updater and the exe trusted. Look in your D+ events. You have NOD32 which covers your real time spyware needs anyways.

This could soon be of interest to a lot more people, as Avast! will have more AS and ARK capabilities in v4.8:

Interesting. I have always found Avast to be one of the best free AV programs; a lot less hassle than AVG which I used previously. Looks like the new Avast will be even better.
Hope it doesn’t clash with the Comodo products.
Pity Comodo can’t officially release their AV package yet; been a long time in Beta.

I have been using the Avast! 4.8 with antispyware/antirootkit since the first public release and it works fine with CFP3. Latest beta is pretty much complete, and only a few minor issues remaining before release. Highly recommended. :slight_smile:
And usual comment: Firewalls are all about connections, whether or not to allow them. HIPS is all about the allowed actions of programs resident in your computer. Anti-Spyware/Anti-Virus is kind of in the middle, using both signatures and heuristics to determine whether the content of the connections you allow should turn into resident programs on your computer or be allowed to call out from them. Thus issue about FW+HIPS obviating the need for anti-spyware/antivirus-“doesn’t matter how much crap you let into your computer, if you keep it from doing anything with the firewall and HIPS it won’t harm you.” I prefer to keep it out of the machine, rather than counting on the constant vigilance of the users to watch the popups carefully. :slight_smile:

There is already a topic for Avast! 4.8 Beta here on the forum :

Greetz, Red.

Thanks MikeG:

I’m satisfied that my NOD32 and Windows Defender provide me with enough resident anti-spyware protection, and I also use Spybot, SAS, AVG-AS, and MBAM as on-demand AS scanners (all free versions). None slow down my system when used this way.

I agree there is no need to purchase an AS, and only received the paid version of MBAM as I was a beta tester during its development. But its resident protection definitely doesn’t agree with CFP. I was just wondering about other resident AS conflicts.


Nothing is listed in my D+ events. Thanks anyways. I can live without MBAM real-time protection.

AVG AS uses a program called (guard.exe) which is always running in the back round despite your not using real time mode.

NOD32 is good!, If you purchased that, Keep it. It is very good, I use it my self.

Otherwise, Avast! :slight_smile: