Does BOClean Detects Rootkits and Remove Them?

i was just wondering if BOClean removes/detects rootkits , trojans , keyloggers or whatever?


Internet trojan horse programs, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits, pseudorootkits, hijackers, adware, annoyware, email relays, spam proxies, spam relays, scam downloads and email/spam robots ("bots")

well, you’ll never know until you face it yourself :-))) i personally don’t tend to believe in vendor’s claims, but the fact is - i tested CFP v3 with several malware and it passed everything. Maybe you should download a couple of rootkits, trojans, keyloggers or whatever?

BTW - it’s way damn hard to detect an already-running rootkit, and it’s not anti-malware’s job, but rather an anti-rootkit specialized software, which isn’t easy to use and it’s not “automatic” (e. g. don’t display messages like “i detected a rootkit, should i remove it?”) and to use them you must know what you are doing. Or you’ll just damage your PC. But prevent rootkits from installing - that’s quite possible, and CFP v3 does this too. Not sure about BOClean since i don’t use it.


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