Does anyone know what is "" ?????

Hi ! So it goes like this: I was chillin’ at home watchin’ a movie stream over the internet on some site. I watched like 3 or 4 hours (two or three movies) and suddenly the movie/connection started laggin’ and I see in my firefox lower bar somethin’ like “connecting to” and “transfering data to”. I’ve opened CIS and got a look at my firewall events and I saw that firefox connected to multiple addresses with data transfer occuring. My firewall is set to “Custom policy mode” and firefox is treated as a web browser.

I’ve tried disconnecting and connecting again so my ip would change, cleaned the garbage from my explorer and firefox browsers but still the same. Then I took like a 30 min. break and got back to CIS panel and set firefox to custom policy and when connected I pressed the OK button many times until I got connected to the site again and the stream was working with no problem again but after a half an hour or so the problem came back… same “connecting to” thing but this time my CIS firewall started to ask me about firefox connecting to some address… I really don’t have a clue… it is like I was under constant attack or my connection dropping… Could my provider be the problem ???.. I have unlimited traffic subscription…

Oh, and I have BlockSite addon to my firefox and I’ve put that address there to be blocked but no go… it still shows up in the firefox lower bar.

P.S. Sorry for the long post and I will wait for any advice or idea about this !
P.P.S. I’ve searched on google but is all bogus, never got an idea about this !

                                                                                  Thanks !

Try a google for, you will find lots of people have similar problems. It’s not a CIS issue

I’m almost certain that this is not a CIS issue but my question is Could this be a security risk ??? cause last time I’ve checked CIS stands for Comodo Internet Security. Anyway I’m sure the guys that put the modjo in CIS will check this out if they can.

                                                                  Be safe !

From what I have found it appears it monitors activity on your website.
There is a website

As Dennis said, this site watches you…

Well, I don’t have a website of my own, I was just connected to that site with movie streams. It seems that this site ( or whatever) was monitoring the site that I was connected to but it seems to me that site is very intrusive and could be a security risk… I think this site is kinda like a “Big Brother” on the internet… anyway, this makes me think about “Freedom” wich I’m beginning to think is just a myth along with the term “100% Online Security”. Guess with this “war on terror” we’re all under the Big Brother eye.

I will disregard this issue from now on, unless u guys tell me otherwise !

                                                                                Best regards !