Does Anyone Know Of A Program To Batch-Upload Files To Multiple AVs

Hello, I’m looking for a program which can batch-upload multiple files (say a malware pack of 200) to as many AVs as possible at one time. I know that I can do this through VirusTotal, by using a VirusTotal uploader program, but I am looking for a way which bypasses VirusTotal in the hopes it will mean that more AVs will process the files, and add them to their signatures, faster.

Does anyone know of a program like this?


Did you mean like this program


It might work. It certainly looks promising. However, is it able to handle up to 200 files at a time, or is it really meant more for a small handful of samples at the same time?


I did not try a sample number 200 on this tool, but this tool is the best so far, and send the samples to famous security companies 32

Okay, I just tried it, and it seems that this program makes a separate tab for each file analyzed. Thus, it cannot handle more than a handful of files at a time.

Thanks though. Does anyone know of any others?

There’s an alternative that was already posted. Details here:;msg776540#msg776540

It will handle 200+ files but the scan and upload time increases significantly. It’s best to place files in a folder and add the folder to be scanned.

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