does anyone even read

I’ve submitted more false positive reports to than I can count, but I haven’t received a single response, let alone removal, while most of the other AV labs have already removed the reports I’ve sent them. I suppose I’ll have to submit them here. But as a suggestion - if the email process is a black hole, please don’t tell people to use it.

Welcome. :slight_smile:

Currently, COMODO does not send responses back to users who submitted malware.

P.S. please do not submit (e.g. upload,attach, etc) live malware to the forums.

How is anyone to know if their dealing with FP or actual malware if there is no response? I for one have posted AV logs regarding what I thought to be FP and malware and also sent via e-mail a file “mfc45.dll” on 3/13/09 and to this day have not heard a word. Your getting a lot of help from the users of CIS through this forum so a simple response is not asking for much.

I’ve always had a reply when I report on the forum.

donnyd means via e-mail.