Documenting firewall rules

I’m manually putting in various rules to CPF to cover particular situations with my system. As the number of rules grows I would like a convenient way of documenting my personal rules. Is there any way of doing this within CPF or am I expected to keep this information elsewhere (outside of CPF)?

If you mean backing up your rules/configuration; check this link:,2366.0.html

You can save as many iterations as you want.

Hope this helps.


No, I wasn’t thinking of backup although I have seen that thread and it may be useful also.

What I’m thinking of is documentation. I feel I am likely to wind up with numerous rules to cover numerous different things. I’ll be in danger of forgetting why I set-up a particular rule. Maybe I no longer need that rule? Maybe the rule needs to be updated? If I can’t remember why the rule is there at all I may remove a rule which can get me into trouble or I may have many rules which no longer serve a useful purpose. So the ability to have an optional comment against each rule saying something like “Port xxx blocked because of yyy” will be very helpful.