documented a bios virus

i posted it in a thread about removal of a mystery virus (actually a rootkit) because it was found on those root’d systems, however i thought i’d make a new post to bring attention to it.

personally, i believe the bios virus i found was developed by the major crime syndicates, for aid in re-compromising windows computers despite anti-virus and anti-root-kit software. For the major crime syndicates, paying hackers and insiders to get them working source code, and a working bios rooting code, would be just a matter of dollars vs profitability of said code. if my hunch is right, then they obviously felt the profitability was higher than the cost of developing ‘real working rootkit bioses’;msg135739#msg135739

Try an
Kaspersky Online Scan.


Having worked that “mystery virus” topic before being carted away on medical leave, I can confirm that was not the average run-of-the-mill malware. From what I’ve seen here and elsewhere in other malware forums, the criminal effort is definitely seeing malware as a very cost effective method, and they’re getting good at it. And not just the classic PC malware, but the atypical and unexpected, as pointed out with the BIOS. There are also MBR attacks, as described News from the Lab Archive : January 2004 to September 2015 and NAT/router attacks as described

My thanks to kesuki for finding that malware, and for the reminder.

Since there doesn’t seem to be a current malware problem to be worked in this forum, I’m going to close this topic.