Documentation for private shareware developer

I am preparing an article on Code Signing for Developers and wish to include some information about the documentation required for verification when applying for a code signing certificate. I have looked at the information referred to in previous answers and the answer seems pretty clear in the case of a company or other registered business entity, and in the case of someone applying as an individual.

What is not clear is what would happen in the event of a developer called John Doe, who works from home. This hypothetical developer sells his software under the name 123Soft, but this is just a trading name not a registered business name. He may not even have a bank account in this name. He would probably want his programs to be signed as 123Soft because this is what would make most sense to his users. Would I be correct in believing that he would have to apply as an individual and sign his products as John Doe?

It would depend upon whether or not 123Soft was actually a registered trade name. If John Doe could provide adequate documentation showing that 123Soft was validly registered with the appropriate regulatory entity in his jurisdiction, we would allow the certificate to be issued showing 123Soft. If not, it would have to be validated as a certificate for an individual and be issued to John Doe.

Validation Manager