Do you Use Drag & Drop on CIS?

Hi All,

We would like to understand how many of us are using drag & drop functionality on user interface of CIS?

Let us know your idea by answering the poll.

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If you mean the option to drag file sinto the interface to scan them, then none of the functions. Real-time scanner is designed for that job. However I did re-arrange those buttons at the bottom of CIS 8.x quite often. However it is a nightmare to re-arrange them on Windows tablet (with full Windows 8.1). It just doesn’t work with touch control.

Actually, I never use this function if you mean “drag-drop and scan” feature in the main interface
I voted.

Hi Sheepolina,

Thank you for your feedback.

You know currently we are working on the new user interface for the new version. It is very user friendly for touch control as well.

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Hi Yigido,

Yes, thank you very much for the feedback. :-TU

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Right-click scan is my way as always! Because open the interface and drag the samples is extending my works with one more step.
I hope you got my point. :wink:

point taken :slight_smile:

I don’t use it. I do use dragging shortcuts in the main UI and incidentally to move rules around in Advanced Settings.

Never used it, I prefer the context menu entries (right click)

Same here.

This is a good feature to have, especially if one turns off Stateful with the AV.
I set mine to Stateful, and haven’t found a virus on this system to test the drag/drop option.

Me too.

Buket. The topic title and the subject of the poll are different. What is the question you want to ask? Do you use Drag and Drop or Do you use Drag and Drop to scan files?

Drag & drop scan - Never

I’ve never used it, I prefer to just right click a file and select the comodo scan option in the context menu.

I am going against the grain, but I see it as a handy function to have even though I rarely use it myself.
When you want to scan multiple files individually and also for the reason in the quote below.


It should ask about the reason for not using. this issue is good question. :-TU

I suggest that instead of a designated area for drag and drop you could instead make the whole UI (and widget) a drop zone but don’t have any graphics to represent that, so you could drag files to the widget or CIS home screen and it would scan them but there would be no “Drag and Drop” graphical zone meaning it doesn’t take up any space.

It still gives those who do use the drag and drop scan feature a way to do that (with increased drop area) while not taking up the space for those who don’t use it, meaning more relevant information can be shown on the home screen of CIS.

“How would the user know they can do that though?”
First of all add it to the release notes, then we also have the Quick Start Guide now as well, it could be mentioned in there.

Never, useless function, you’d better add this option, benefits will be more!

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