Do you trust user reviews ?

Hi guys ! Just wanted to know your opinion on this :slight_smile: What do you think ?

I certainly do not trust oh so called “expert” reviews from PC World and PC Magazine :-TD

Some I trust and some not.


As with all user opinions you have to read more and draw your own line.

If for example a normal person reviews a stereo system he would say great sound this and that…
A audiofile there for could burn the same product down the ground…

It all depends on the knowledge of the reviewer and the expectations and sometimes on who he/she receives money from…

User reviews are always subjective and that’s a thing you need to take in account…


Okay, but what do you trust more ? Users or “experts” that are all over the net ? :slight_smile: I think they are bribed much more often than simple users 88)

For a reviewer to gain my trust, I need in a way to verify his knowledge about the particular thing he is writing a review about…

My golden rule on the net is: Trust nothing on the net until it has earned your trust on the net somehow… or of course you can wait till Comodo has achieved “creating trust online” (:WIN)

Why should I trust one of them ? It makes no sence ‘trusting’ the reviewers. 1 will say this, when the other 1 will later say that. I keep relying on my own eXPeriences and the ones for others. If I read hundreds of replies telling that the software works I will probably believe it (err… I’ll try it out first) when there is just 1 post, I’ll probably will just let it pass by


I find it funny when I read a user review and all it says is:

“This product sucks. Don’t use it.”

Not backing up his/her view in any way whatsoever.

I think that a detailed review is good and if they can show numbers or times. Course If you know the reviewer it is a good thing :slight_smile:

Hmmmmmmmmm… Fifty-fifty, it depends how I see the software in question , but I don’t like flaming reviews, I like the serious ones

MiguelAngelXP (:KWL)

yes, unsure people need serious reviews… that is why you read them in the first place! hehe (:WIN)

you mean like :
“this product sucks! seriously!” ;D
there’s a saying “learn from other ppl’s mistake,you won’t live long enough to learn from yourself”

i believe other ppl review, especially when they say : “don’t use it, it’s embedded eith trojan!”

99% i won’t install it :stuck_out_tongue:

that is a very nice saying! You seem to know a lot of wise words… Like that… (:WIN)

yes, it is true, reviews also have their downsides… when a product is being made black by some reviewers it is very bad publicity for the product…

I think the same happened to Comodo, they said it delivers malware in their products… which is of course total BULLS*TT… hehe

Ronny. Most Hifi reviewers know very little about sound its what sounds best to you! IE High treble to a reviewer is detail and definition to the normal person its a horrible noise and they are right. Treble should be sweet and crisp sounding todays hifi lesson over. What this means in user reviews is someone is bound to be right amongst all the garbage spoken. Take reviews as a starting block then test drive your short listed programs.

almost every “best buy” hifi products i have bought sounds like garbage in my ears, treble that almost damages my ears and bass that sounds like… just something.

all i see in the pc magazine reviews in my country is that they recommend avg, ad-aware and zonealarm as freeware and norton, f-secure, panda and some other too well known security suites that slows some computers down. ad-aware is as bad as spybot but at least ad-aware scans most of the files it should compared to spybot wich scans mostly the registry. just listen for some disc activity the next time you scan with spybot. do you hear disc activity when scanning with spybot? i dont hear much disc activity myself, just a little. not strange that spybot is one of the worst. years ago i had alot of malware, spybot detected almost nothing, ad-aware detected much more. i will uninstall spybot i think, the immunize and tools is somewhat usefull but the sd-helper is full of bugs. the spybot forum support is worse than spybot itself.
i agree with some reviewers, spybot is one of the worst, it is just strange that i have not seen it before the last months.

what about reviews of some comodo products? i have not seen a single one, please show me (R)

yeah if they say “this is embedded with trojan” is a serious one… but the suc**** and the f****, those I don’t take in mind…I think a reviewer must be objective in some way… :Beer

MiguelAngelXP (:KWL) :Beer