Do you need to run HTTPS Everywhere running alongside Privdog?

I just thought I ask this Random Question in asking do you need HTTPS Everywhere with Privdog?

The Reason why I ask, I notice it does similar things like Privdog Does, but the only difference is this example:

I looked at Privdog and I noticed under Statistics that Webtrends was blocked. However, under HTTPS partly enabled.

So I decided to Disable HTTPS for a test then I notice 3rd Party Cookies in Privdog was not active and I needed to Enable it again.

So then, I went back to the Extensions in CD and Enabled HTTPS once again and everything looked OK when I looked at Privdog. So Then I went back to HTTPS and disabled it again and I went straight over to Privdog and everything was Active and running OK. (In case you ask, are you sure 3rd Party Cookies was Active and set to Block) Answer is, Yes it was. I was only looking at it 10 mins early and I did not alter any settings at all.

So after all that, I am still thinking is HTTPS really needed when we have Privdog running as well?

In addition, I have done research and just say out of 10 Users only 6 Users Had HTTPS active, the rest said no I do not want it, it makes my Internet Browsing Slower.

So after all of that what do you think?

I will leave it up to now and see what feedback I get.

However, as the moment My Current settings have is Privdog Active, Disconnect Active (Privdog and Disconnect as OK they work well with each other) and I have Peerblock Active with 8 lists and CIS 6.3 :slight_smile:

Thanks for now