Do You Need Svhost.exe

Hi can any one tell me if we need Svhost.exe running when useing comodo I know its a windows program but read if a hacker trys to hack its nearly always use one of the ports that Svhost.exe use is this true.I tern of Svhost.exe when on the internet but on restarting its back can I tern it of for good or do I need to?.thanks

AFAIK with XP its for

  1. windows updates
  2. windows time (if your pc syncs time with time servers)
  3. DNS/DHCP (if windows service “DNS client” is enabled - likely)

If svchost is modified by malware, Comodo should say and block it anyway

-You should leave svchost running - its a windows service.
-It can be blocked using Comodo if the above 1-3 are not-used (unlikely)


Hi Steve C I have not disabled DNS Client I under stand what your saying but do we realy need it Iv tryed terning it of with no joy can any one tell me how to do this as I dont wont it running. If I cant control what is running on my pc I see no pouint.if any one can help please do.jyss

I just updated my post after searching for svchost on Google. Yes its needed, it runs the above 1-3. Disabling it will stop them from working. ie no more windows updates or internet access.

Its a standard windows service, everyone has it running, Comodo will handle any hackers. I don’t know how to disable it and have never heard of anyone doing so. Search the net for more details…

Thanks Steve C I under stand now I thank you very much for all your help. (R)

one thing that would help if comodo reported which svchost was generating the warning/alarm (by pid for example) as each one can run one or many windows services. I’ve noted some activity on my store bought pc, and I’m sure some are “call home for updates” stuff that I want to disable.