Do you have to uninstal your old Comodo firewall first?

I have the Comodo Firewall Pro already installed on my XP-Pro and I am not certain if you have to uninstall your present firewall in order to install the Comodo Memory Firewall. Or to put it another way does the Memory Firewall replace my present Comodo Pro?

Installing the memory firewall should do just fine in combination with CFP. As far as I know there are no problems with that



Comodo Firewall Pro and Comodo Memory Firewall does two different things. Comodo Firewall Pro offers outbound protection (version 3 also offers system protection), while Comodo Memory Firewall protects you from buffer overflows. Buffer overflows are commonly used for drive-by downloads (stealth download of malware).
So Comodo Memory Firewall will not replace Comodo Firewall Pro, and reverse.



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