Do you "deploy" to the server?

Dumb question… sorry. But for the AV and Firewall to work on the server, must you “deploy” to the server? I’ve tried doing this and it fails to “deploy.” Or does installing Endpoint Security Manager automatically protect the server on which it was installed?

You should be able to deploy to anything, so long as you have the appropriate credentials to access the PC’s admin share, however the question is really is it appropriate. If ESM “server” is a Windows Server, we do not support the firewall on Windows Servers, only on endpoints - the firewall should never be installed. Additionally, we recommend disabling defense plus at a minimum on a Windows Server; for best performance, the CIS on the server should just be set to run scheduled scanning only. For a regular Windows 7 PC running the ESM service, since the firewall will need rules added for ESM to be able to communicate on its 3 ports, manual configuration after installation will be required, so it’s best to do by hand anyway.

–Glen Marianko
Product Manager