Do we all need to take a valium?


There have been numerous postings recently about reported technical deficiencies within CPF and just as numerous responses to those postings.

Those on the deficiency side of the fence are strident in their postings about failings in CPF. Those on the CPF side of the fence are equally strident in their defence of what they perceive to be “their” firewall.

Please, everyone on both sides of the fence, respect the opinions of others.

As wrong as you consider the opinions of others, imagine what they think of yours.

Everyone has formed their opinion based on what they see as the facts, and while their perspective may not align with yours, their opinion is just as valid as yours and mine. Opinions are like butts - everybody’s got one and everybody thinks theirs is the best. :wink:

Comodo do not censor postings on these forums, unless they contravene their acceptable usage policies. Positive and negative comments are welcomed and ecouraged. Both drive the developers to do better.

Please consider others when replying to postings.

Just to make my own position plain, I like CPF and admire the underlying ethics of the company behind it. It’s the best PC based firewall I’ve ever used. I’m aware of its shortcomings, just as I’m equally aware of the fact that no firewall (software or (GASP) hardware) is perfect. I’m happy with the level of security it provides. What’s my alternative? Second best?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Second Best (as per Matousec’s tests) costs money. :frowning:

I’ll have some of that valium, please, to mix with my coffee. ;D