Do not run updater always

Comodo Dragon browser uses dragon_updater to load with windows. This is running all the time. I have changed setting for auto update. But still it runs always. This is not necessary. At least give users option to decide whether to run it always or not. While installing, Firefox gives the chance to decide whether to install maintenance service or not. That is the desired way.

Please think about theses - Let user decide whether to install dragon_updater or not. If you do not want users to have that choice at least configure it in such a way so that it does not load with windows and doesn’t run always.

Thanks for all your efforts that let us have the beautiful comodo products.

Dragon Version 30.0 + Windows XP SP3.

Hi surferby,
For both Dragon And IceDragon.
As a workaround if the update service is not required this can be disabled (Or set to manual) through Windows services.

Kind regards.

Use Windows Key + R and this will bring up Run…

To launch Windows Services in teh Microsoft Management Console (which are also available from Control Panel, Administrative Tools; or Start Menu, by typing “Services”):


Then, find “COMODO Dragon Update Service” and change its Startup type to Manual, or Disabled.

That’s all, other attachment shows a CIS service - under Dragon; just for orientation.

Btw., why change, it’s set to Automatic for a reason.

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Thank you very much for your help dear captainsticks and nimd4

You are welcome. :-TU

There is absolutely no need for the Dragon Updater what so ever.
When you start Dragon, it automatically checks if there is a new version available and asks if you want to install it.
This also works when Dragon Updater is not active and the auto update option is disabled in Settings.
My advise: disable the service!

Hi prinsb,
This is really up to personal choice.
Some users prefer silent updates which is not possible if the service is disabled.

Kind regards.

Hello Captainsticks,
Silent updates can cause problems when they aren’t controlled by the operatingsystem.
Users can unwittingly interrupt the process when they start CD or shutdown the PC.

Hi prinsb,
I am not here to debate the above, I am just saying a choice is good to have. :slight_smile:
A large percentage of programs now have a silent update option, this is the preferred choice in certain circumstances.

Kind regards.