Do not bundle this in CIS

I would prefer that Time Machine remain a stand alone app that the people who feel they need it can use. I personally would probably never use it as I have never even had to use the system restore built into Windows. If it does wind up being bundled, I would hope there would be an option to install it or not. I feel the same way about the sandboxing I have heard may be included in v4. I think CIS has enough built into it as it stands and only needs to be refined and tweaked to be the best security solution available. It doesn’t need to be bloated by elements that a lot of people won’t ever use.

I think a sandbox would be great to add and would in reality not add any extra bulk. I bet you would not even know it’s there. Also a sandbox is need for the new heuristics to work properly.

From what I’ve read somewhere, it will be an optional install element but don’t quote me.

I would also like to see it as stand alone, but if it does go into the bundle its not too big a deal.

Optional install element is good as it give user their own preference. Personally I would like it bundled with CISv4.

its gonna be both standalone and a optional install in cis v4