do i use Comodo with Less RAM??‏

Even since i heard about Comoso Firewall, getting be interested, although i use Kaspersky Internet Security Suit, but would like to try Your Product.
but the prblem is I just have Less than 256RAM
i not able to get idea the system requirements for use Comodo Firewall

thank you

hi (:WAV) cb4f_s
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these are the requirement from the CFP 2.4 download site:

[i]System Requirements

* Windows 2000 (32 bit ALL)
* Windows XP (32 bit ALL)
* Windows 2003 (32 bit ALL)
* 64 MB available RAM
* 32 MB of available free hard disk space

Comodo Firewall Pro

Note - Not compatible with Windows 9x systems[/i]


hello Ganda
thank you for Elated reply
i seek your guidness regarding choosing one amoung COMODO FIREWALL and KASPERSKY INTERNET SECURITY…
so far Kaspersky is good, but i think i go for change so you i get COMODO FOREWALL?
thank you

Hi cb4f_s, welcome to the forums.

I’d also like to add that the new CFP 3 (currently in beta testing) despite being much bigger & more complex than CFP 2.4 has a much smaller memory foot-print. Smallest I’ve ever seen for a firewall under Windows actually.

In addition, it has been reported to us that KIS is highly incompatible with CFP (KAV to a lesser degree). You should not install KIS/KAV & CFP at the same time. Comodo did say they were hoping to resolve this in CFP 3 for KAV (can’t really do anything about KIS because its also a firewall).

Hi Ganda
thanx for ur quick reply,
but can you pls say how much RAM could it consume with COMODO, suppose FOR KIS its almost 12000, what anti virus i can go with COMODO ?
help me
thank you

I’m not using CFP 2.4 (perhaps Ganda can tell you those). But, CFP 3 is currently using just over 9MB (for everything).

CFP 2.4 is a little over 25,000 kB over here. Are you sure you’re counting all KIS’s executables in your 12,000 anyway? However Kaspersky’s antivirus is good but CFP is more secure than their firewall. CFP 3 will be out of beta soon and it’s very light on RAM as Kail said, so you should consider the option.

CFP 2.4 uses 16.112KB here.
you can use any AV except kaspersky (compatibility issue) & Norton ;D


Ah… NAV. Nope they’re not known for having a lightweight AV. They can buy good lightweight stuff… they just can’t seem to get it to market. ;D


I can recommend Eset’s NOD32 as a good AV that’s easy on resources and plays well with CFP.

You’ve got to count all apps in when adding RAM usage. For example CFP consists of cpf.exe but also cmdagent.exe (I think), you’ve got to add both to know RAM usage. Same goes for Kaspersky though, that’s why I asked about the 12 MB.