Do I still need safesurf when I already installed COMODO memory firewall?

These two, COMODO memoory firewall and safesurf seems to be offering the same protection, only that the memory firewall protects any application while safesurf only monitor the browser.

Where can I download safesurf for firefox? I missed installing it with the CIS.
I downloaded the provided link but safesurf was only installed to IE which I do not use.


I’m afraid reinstalling is only way…

Do I still need safesurf when I already have the CMF(Comodo memory firewall)?

Im hesitant to reinstall.

Don’t reinstall then. :slight_smile:

Only reason I say is because the next CIS beta version due out soon is going to include the full Memory Firewall, Not just the toolbar. :slight_smile:

Discussion Here…


Good news indeed. (L)