Do I still need Anti-Spyware? [Resolved]

Now that I have CPF and Avira Antivir PE Premium and Comodo BOClean running on my XP Pro do I still need anti-spyware? I have a copy of Webroot (not installed) but I hate it. I use to use AOL Anti-spyware but hate that too. What about the google pack Spyware Doctor Starter Edition? If I still need anti-spyware can anyone suggest a free real-time product? I know antivir and CBOClean detects some spyware but I want to make sure I’m protected is all… Currently using Firefox 2.0.03.


Yes, because all AS have an overall low dectection relative to AV’s. If you know of a reliable testing site that shows otherwise, I’d like to see it. Furthermore, CBAM is not originally designed to scan and remove the spyware, so it’s best to get a dedicted AS if that’s what you’re aiming.

There aren’t that many free real-time AS. I only know of Spyware Terminator and Windows Defender (and to a lesser degree, Spybot’s TeaTimer).

However, since you’re using Firefox, and if you use the noscript extension, a real-time AS isn’t needed IMO.

Let me ask you this: when was the last time you detected a real spyware aside from cookies?

Hi Soya,
Thanks for your reply… We also use our AOL 9 browser so we have occasionally got spyware as the AOL browser isn’t very good security wise. I suppose I could go back to using webroot but it does add about a minute to my loading time. I’d use AOL spyware protection but it uses 20mb of memory. Thanks for the advice though… Oh, what about Spyware Doctor Starter Edition that comes with Google pack?


ooh…I already see your biggest mistake: AOL. That in itself is almost spyware lol.

Ok seriously though, Webroot is Spyware Sweeper right? That and Spyware Doctor has good detection, but they are resource hogs according to a lot of users. I haven’t tried either one, but just reporting what I’ve seen in “reviews”. For browser, you’d best be sticking to Firefox or try Opera.

True story: last Friday I went to a dodgy site and instantly got hit with some spyware/malware. I don’t think I removed it completely…That was with Internet Explorer (and with my work machine ;D). I went to the same site with Opera,never anything. I don’t think I’ve experienced anything bad since I installed it :).

If you’re interested in on-demand scanning AS then I recommend SUPERAntiSpyware, which is free. (The paid version has real-time).

So does this mean Comodo BOClean is compatible with SUPER AS with real-time, or only with the on-demand scanner? ???

CBAM is compatible with any AS that’s on-demand, and SAS is no exception. I only have the free SAS so I don’t know if it’ll conflict with the paid real-time one, but I doubt it.

Thanks Soya, I’ve been running both (CBAM and SAS w/ real-time) for about 14 hours, and for the most part haven’t had any problem. But at one point Firefox seemed to slow down and get clumsy. Bandwidth checked out normal, so I did a cold boot and it’s been fine since. Some sites do their server maintenance on Sunday, so I’m gonna guess that’s all it was.

Thanks again! ;D

No probs. If Firefox slows down again (maybe it’s gobbling up cpu?) then you can open a new topic.

Thanks everyone for the help. I’m now using Spyware Terminator as my real-time protection and SAS as on-demand scanner.