Do I need to create a trused zone?


I have one PC operating behind a 4 port wired belkin router. My surfing habits are fairly safe, but I do use utorrent p2p almost daily.

My question is should I use the wizard to create a trusted zone for my router? At present, I have not done this and the only rules I have created are those recommended in the forum for running bit torrent. If I do create a trusted zone, should the rule go above or below the bit torrent rules (which at present I have at the top of the list of rules)?

thanks for any advice

A zone, in the usual sense, is to allow secured but unencumbered traffic across your local LAN. Literally, a zone can be defined as any group of resources that exist on the same subnet.

You could define a zone that encompasses yourPC and your router, but if everythings working OK as is, why change?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks panic. As things currently stand, all seems to work pretty well: no viruses or spyware, good internet speed and torrent speed, so I won’t change anything. I was just curious if I could further bolster what seems to be a fairly secure system (comodo, plus ewido plus nod32).