Do I Need the Memory Firewall

I have Comodo 3 with Defense+ and NOD32. Do I really gain protection if I install the Memory Firewall?


Yes. Neither CFP 3 or NOD32 protects against buffer overflows, so adding CMF will be a great addition to your security softwares. CMF will also soon be integrated into CFP 3.


True fact.

when will be integrated?

I don’t know, but I would guess when CFP with ThreatCast is out of BETA. I can only guess, but egemen or Melih might have a more accurate answer.


great :BNC

When is soon…??

and is it something they are working on to integrate now.?

And do it need it.? i allways use the same sites when i am on the internet (firefox with noscript)
And i also play counterstrike.

soon… 88) ;D

i don’t know ;D ehm (:NRD) why don’t you use the standalone CMF for now til it’s integrated?

i don’t know ;D i’ve been using CMF for maybe 5months but i’ve never encountered any BO attack so far.
but i read somewhere that buffer overrun is a common better safe than sorry, beside, it’s simple, install & forget app.


Reason: Out-Dated post.