Do i need java installed?

I’ve been reading all articles Chiron has produced; Chiron mentioned about Java/ security problems. Do I need Java, or is it best to remove it? I get confused as things like Adobe Flash is required for You Tube does this apply to Java…? ???

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I have removed Java from my PC and so far I don’t see any need of it.
Anyway, depending on your use of the web, you might go to some websites that require Java to load some content. In this case you will see a yellow bar at the top of your browser saying “missing plug-in needed” and if you wanna see the content, you’ll have to install Java

You are confusing 2 things: Java itself on your PC and Java script in your browser.

The security issue is with Java itself on your PC really. While using Java script in your browser is different. If you really need Java for some site today it will let you know.

Read more about Java and Java script confusion here:

I uninstalled Java two years ago, very occasionally a web site will tell me I need it. I have yet had to re-install it

  • there’s been nothing I have needed that badly, maybe I have been lucky :slight_smile:
    I would always advise removing it unless you know you absoloutely need it.

Indeed. You use browser Java script almost all the time. No need for the Java on your system.

i rarely use java but i like to keep it installed for when i do need it. the one thing i always do is sandbox java with CIS havent had any problems doing so.

I had thought about this, do you use the FV sandbox or restrictions ?
I would like to see an alert when it tries to run.

Both, in the manual sandbox there is always virtualization then i set restrictions to partially limited. I also do this for my pdf reader (sumatra) but set it to resticted. Everything has worked fine so far, even printing.

To get an alert you can always remove oracle from the TVL then when you run java you will get an unlmited access alert and you can decide to run it in the sandbox or with unlimited access.

How do you always sandbox java???

advanced settings ->defense + ->sandbox

then add java.exe which is located in “C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin” then i set the restriction level to partially limited, this will restrict java and virtualize it.

you may also want to include javaw.exe and javaws.exe to be really safe

as far as i know
java.exe = java standalone application with command prompt
javaw.exe = java standalone aplication without command prompt or “The javaw command is identical to java, except that with javaw there is no associated console window”
javaws.exe = is for java webstarts ( .jnlp )

there are in program files\java\jre#\bin
also in system32 and syswow if i remember correctly

dont know if you also need to put some others actualy but to be safe just put the whole jre\bin*

edit corrected some error i made

feel free to correct me if im wrong

I have already got several programs set to always run in the sandbox - IE, WMP, Foxit and my .RAR app
I didn’t realize the manual sandbox would do both Fully virtual and restrictions, I was under the impression it was one or the other. This is good to know :slight_smile:
That’s a pro tip for receiving the alert also :-TU

It isnt to obvious in the UI that restrictions and virtualization are applied in the manual sandbox. Only partially limited mentions virutalization. This is why i created a new wish here so the user can decide to apply restrictions, virtualization, or both.

If you do try the tip i mentioned above let us know how it works. :-TU

I personally hate Java and try to avoid it as much as possible. Usually, I also avoid anything that requires it.

I don’t know if I missed that thread or read it very late at night but it would be a great option as well as making things clearer. I am going to adjust my manual sandbox accordingly now.

I have removed oracle from the TVL although I still have to add Java.
I will update when I have done.

Java je někde potřeba…
1)Doporučuji v ovládacích panelech otevřít, click on Java, povolit - automatic. update -
2)v prohlížeči (IE, Mozzila, Chrome) jako doplňky zakázat / Java Block
(3 alespoň do té doby dokud to nebudou mít OK.)
Jinak nouninstall.
Lze v Java zakázatost i ten automatic update, ale pak se nestáhne nová - bezpečnější - verze - + zakázat v prohlížeči.
Zda Adobe Flash Player potřebuje Javu - to nevím - zakaž Javu v prohlížeči - a uvidíš zda-li půjde video na stránce. Tuším, že ano (in YouTube), ovšem nevím jak jinde.
Zakaž ji(IE+Mozilla+Chrome + Java Settings), zkus to a pak uvidíš, jak se změna na videu z Youtube projevila.
Jinak klidně odinstaluj - řada stránek, na které jsi byl zvyklí, se ti však může poté zobrazit v dosti “okleštěné” podobě. Je to dost “krok nazpátek”.
Časem jí budeš asi muset instalovat nazpátek.

Hi Pepa,
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Google translated for the convenience of others.

No Java is needed somewhere .... 1) I recommend to open the Control Panel, click on Java, allow - automatic. update - 2) browser (IE, Mozzila, Chrome) as add-ons to disable / Java Block (3 at least until until it's OK.) Otherwise nouninstall. Can Java zakázatost even the automatic update, but then withdraws new - safer - version - + disabled in your browser. Whether Adobe Flash Player needs Java - I do not know - Disable Java in the browser - and see whether they will go to the video page. I guess yes (in YouTube), but I do not know how else. Disable it (IE + Mozilla + Chrome + Java Settings), try it and then you'll see how to change the video from Youtube appearing. Otherwise, feel free to Uninstall - many sites to which you were accustomed to, you may then be viewed in a rather "truncated" form. Is it enough to "step back". Eventually, she'll probably have to install back.

if you decide to keep java installed

you may also want to check or enable "check certificate for revocation " and “online certification validation”
in the java control panel >> advance tab >> uncollapse java

@ Pepa if the translation is right you may be confusing .JS (javascript) and JAVA in which are very different and is commonly got confused because of the name

So far, I’ve not needed to use Java, but sometimes it’s required for specific web sites. I believe it’s often required for Games web sites.��-cid/icedragon-load-up-t91034.0.html;msg673342#msg673342

JavaRa is an invaluable tool, now updated to version 2.1 which allows you to install/uninstall/reinstall Java.

As Java can be stubborn to remove, the JavaRa tool will remove all traces of Java. I recently installed JavaRa which confirmed that there are no traces left of Java, which can easily be reinstalled with the tool, if or when required.