Do I need CMS if I use tablet (android based)?

Do I need CMS if I use tablet, meaning no calls, no sms, no sim card?

Well, the protection from malware might be of use to you, even if you cant make use of the other features.

I have installed CMS on my Motorola Xoom (wifi only) and it works fine so far, only issue I have is interface is in portrait and not landscape, but is minor point, apart from that it works so far through not had any malware detections so far :slight_smile:

One word of warning becareful with trying out the anti-theft etc… features, I tried demo out in the early morning (3am’ish) and woke neighbours up it was so loud through tablets speakers ;D

I wish CMS could have either a tablet version or made to work more for tablets too :slight_smile:

Hi, guys, thank you for your interest. Yes, we will work on a tablet version later.

I second that. I recently just got into the android tablet scene. The first thing I thought of was anti-virus protection. I was happy to discover Comodo had CMS, but disappointed that the anti-theft feature was not supported on tablets. - I’m trying out the Ematic eGlide XL Pro II and so far I like it. It’s a generic Google tablet with a few minor issues you have to fix, but it’s worth the trouble to have access to an Android 4.0.03 (ICS) device.

It doesn’t have a phone number, so the trigger would have to be sent via email. After the trigger succeeds, then the email should be auto-deleted immediately from the device.

I’ll tell you which features I’m interested in with CMS Anti-theft…

First, It’s the remote alarm. If the theft is recent and the device is still within hearing range, then there’s no question you will see who stole it. Unfortunately a “drop and run” might destroy the device, but at least the thief didn’t have time to gain access to the device.

Second, It’s the remote locator. This would come in handy if the theft is not recent. You will have evidence of the general location of the device and a law enforcement officer can help you recover it.

So, if Comodo can work on at least these 2 features for a tablet, then it would be greatly appreciated. Anything extra would be a bonus.

While I’m posting this, I would like to thank Comodo for offering free security software. It has changed the way I interact with the internet. I feel a little more safe, therefore my consumer habits are more frequent.

Have a great day.