Do I need CMF

Do I need CMF with CIS set to proactive defence? FW & D+ set to safe mode with another vendors AV.

No, it’s included in CIS. Check out Image Execution Control under Defense+ and make sure “Detect shellcode injections” is checked.

I don’t see an option for this under defence+

The checkbox is only in the newest release. Do you have CIS ver. 3.8.64263.468 ?


Defense+ | Advanced | Image Execution Control | “Detect shellcode injections”

Like Frogger said, only in 3.8


Ah, you found it?

Yep seems to be much easier to understand CIS now apart from advanced settings but that will come in time.

OK, glad to here that. By the way there’s no panic in uninstalling CMF as CIS 3.8 and CMF don’t conflict: