Do i need CMF if i'm using ThreatFire ?

WHat title says. I’m using ThreatFire which does protect from buffer overflows (not sure what kinds though), and i’m wondering if i’d see any benefit of using CMF along it?

hi RejZoR

You can go ahead and run the test (;msg88339#msg88339 )we have for BO to see which ones threatcast catch. If it passes all 3 tests we have, then its ok, if not then you have to use CMF.


I just tried and it didn’t. Not sure if ThreatFire works the same way but i proved the point to some degree by doing this test. Btw, was problem with CMF killing Vista activation data solved?
Last time i tried it (the interface looked totally different) it killed my Vista license (i had to re-activate it).
Any info regarding this as i have no intention of activating again just because of this…

that means a possible vulnerability could be exploited in your machine using BO and code could be executed. I would strongly recommend CMF. The current seems to be a fairly stable one. However if you feel more comfortable, you can wait for the final version should be out soon.

Final Version? Out Soon!!



I’ve digged ThreatFire… It tries to do the same as CMF but in some strange way (VirtualQuery… though I don’t fully understand what they ‘re doin’ and for, the code seems to be “strange”). Their method doesn’t work anyway. I see they ‘ve got improvements againts last version of “firepack” (very popular exploits package), but it’s pretty useless (wrong). And, again, their hookin’ method isn’t correct (crashes if there’re some hooks allready, e.g. CMF’s). I’ve bothered to send bugreports about such issues (e.g. Sandboxie’s author do not believe in my reports at all)

Well, CMF is failing the 3rd test on my PC regardless of what i do…

Vista x86…


Reason: Out-Dated post.