Do I need anit keylogger software

I’ve installed CIS 6 a couple of weeks ago. A question that I have concerns anit keylogger software. Since I’m currently do not have HIPS enabled as recommended in the How To Install Comodo Firewall; have I given up the monitoring of direct access to my keyboard? If so, and a anti keylogger is recommended, which one would you suggest?

Thanks. SA Jack

The way I look at it is that if you follow my advice most keylogging programs should already fail. Of those which are actually able to log information they will not be able to send it from your computer unless you allow the firewall alert.

Thus, I believe that as long as you pay attention to what you allow in firewall alerts you are safe from keyloggers.

Thanks Chiron:

I have felt confident for a long time with CIS and Malwarebytes Pro; it would seem there’s no reason to change my mind. -SA Jack

As long as you dont press the userfriendly game mode button. In some scenarios one time activating this mode can be enough to keep you in trouble, even if you disable that button again.

Hi Clockwork:
Thank you for the tip. I’ll be sure to pass it on to family and friends whom I’ve installed CIS on.

Happy New Year. -SA Jack