do I have a virus in my browser?

I am using IE7 browser, google search engine.

When I search a topic. the search engine gives me the results found.
When I click on a result that is related to the topic, the website is redirected to a website totally different from that topic. This is quite annoying.

The only way I can get to the web site that I want is to copy and paste the Url to the address bar.

I don’t get this with firefox just with IE7 and IE8. So its not google it must be the Browser.

Has anyone else had this problem. Is it virus or Malware related? ??? ??? 88)

First of all, if you are content with using Internet Explorer as your browser you should update to IE8. But in my opinion I would not go with IE due to many reasons which are too long to list.

Simple solution would be to install Firefox 3.6
And Add-ons NoScript, Adblock Plus And/Or Ghostery, Keyscrambler (encrypts keystrokes) etc.

If you really think you’re infected somehow, do a full system scan with CIS AV, download and install Malwarebytes and Superantispyware (be sure to add as trusted as it causes conflict with CIS as CIS won’t allow access to it) run full scans on all 3 and see what it turns up?

Hope this helps.

Thanks I will try your suggestions.

It didn’t take long and now firefox 3.6 is doing the same thing.
I believe I must have something as when I click on a topic I get redirected to other websites that is really not there then redirected to sites such as a web site

I will try scanning with what you suggest.

If that’s the case you are definately infected, scan with CIS, then Malwarebytes. If you really are worried and don’t know what to do, try Comodo’s ultra cheap service where you can have a professional Tech do this for you for a cheap price with quality service.

But in my opinion I would not go with IE due to many reasons

1 IE8 is the most secure browser
2 If a browser gets redirected all browsers will get redirected

I’ve used IE8 for a while.
It isn’t bad like someone and some software review said. (But my default browser currently is Opera.)

Note : Use IE8 didn’t makes you look fool anymore. Don’t mind.
Note2 : I dislike IE6

If you want to check for viruses you could follow What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3 .

+1 (I should of thought of giving that link, shame on me!)

Please update us OP on how you get along with this issue you are having, I/We hope that you find the well though out guide/tutorial by eXperience useful.

Same here. Shame on me.

“Let us ■■■■ our heads together!” ;D :-*


I think you guys both have viruses…maybe you should go to this link: What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3 ;D ;D ;D