Do any free Comodo programs overlap (one negates need for another)

After reading about all the great free programs Comodo has available to download, I can’t wait to get home and download them all. My question is: If I download “Comodo Internet Security,” do I still need to download the “Comodo Antivirus, Comodo Firewall, Anti Malware, AntiSpam, etc.” or does the Comodo Internet Security program contain multiple programs. I was going to simply download everything on the free download page and install them all. Thanks in advance for a quick reply so I’ll know what NOT to download when I get home.

CIS comes with antivirus, firewall and Defense +. You should rethink what you really need (eg. if you use online mail service like GMail, Yahoo etc. antispam isn’t needed).

Thanks for the reply. I use Outlook (Cox cable) for my personal email and Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo for non-personal accounts so I guess the Anti-Spam might be useful. I’ll also just download CIS to start with, and research other programs before I install.

Can I safely assume I need to remove Advanced System Optimizer (ASO)? I paid for it, but I don’t think the security portion is as good as Comodo. I’m also using the Air Force-authorized home-use version of Symantec, but it never seems to tell me anything. Additionally, I have Spybot search and destroy installed. I’m guessing everything will need to be UNinstalled?

Thanks again for the help.

First read this guide to Comodo…

Be sure to scan your computer with the free Hitman Pro and the free MalwareBytes.
You want to be sure that your computer really is free of nasties before you fire up CIS.

Start with in Internet Security Premium (CIS 5) and opt in for the secure DNS.
Read the Help section (especially the part that discusses the warning pop-ups.

Try Comodo System Cleaner - and use the ‘Active Clean’ option, it’s cool.

Try out Comodo Dragon - it’s a version of Chrome.

And visit the ‘Guides’ section in the CIS forum.

Comodo is a little more labor intensive than most, but it’s also HIPS and it’s free.

!ot! You might want to give SandboxIE a try. !ot!

I’m not using Advanced System optimizer, so i don’t know whether it is always running in the background (like TuneUp Utilities) or it is only for on-demand scanning (like free version of Glary Utilities). If it is only for on-demand scanning, you can leave it on your computer, but that is unnecessary if you install Comodo product that does the same thing (Comodo System Cleaner). One more thing that I would recommend to you is replacing S&D with MBAM and/or SAS.

Thanks to everyone for all the outstanding advice! I’ve been more and more concerned about internet security (online banking, online purchases, etc.) and I’m so glad I found this forum. I will definitely follow the advice given and sincerely appreciate your support. Hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

Perhaps I missed it above, but you should definitely uninstall Symantec before you install NIS. I’d advise uninstalling it using Revo Uninstaller.

Also, to protect yourself online you may also want to read my article on How to Block Bad Websites. It has plenty of advice on how to protect your computer.