DNSchanger Trojan - Helpful info


I was reading this article (coming from one of the posts found in this forum) and I thought it might be helpful for some people to get relevant information about this matter.

Every update, or any useful link/reference would be much appreciated.

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How to know if you are infected with the DNSchanger trojan?
Click here to find out.

Thanks. That’s a helpful site.

Thanx Eric.

Here are others (to have a second opinion) available in other languages:
. En español
. Aus deutsch
. På dansk

If you are infected, you can download the removal tools here, according to your OS.
The limit: March 8th, 2012. Would be great if someone can post an update on this date in case it changes.


anyone got a md5 on this trojan?

Any update of this topic, before March 8th?