DNS servers down all day

Your DNS Servers were down all day long yesterday … Had 4 clients calling me but are they going to be stable so I can switch back now?

I changed all caps title to regular case. Eric

Don’t worry, you are not alone in this.
If anyone says it’s “Geo-location specific”, okay? So what’s the solution?
I can not and will not use a service that has proven itself time and time again to be completely unreliable.

It’s a shame because I had recomended this service to clients only to have it fail time and time again.
Back on my ISP DNS servers.

I call “BULL” on the geo-specific because I logged into a different server in a different part of the country and received NO PING from – It’s a free service but it caused me noting but grief with my clients. Not to mention I had to stop what I was doing and drive down there because I couldn’t even remote into their systems.

sorry but today morning in italy all servers down! it’s true?