DNS requests


I’m pretty new in the Comodo world (but quite oldie in firewall word).

I’m not sure to understand the application vs network rules interaction.

Let’s say for example I want to authorize all out UDP 53 paquet (makes sense !).
But I don’t want to do it per application, for sure.

If I create a network rule with those parameters, it is not enough, I need to create an application rule as well.
That’s a bit strange, I would like to have a “any application” parameter in the application rule definition.

Please advise how to create this kind of configuration with Comodo ?


Unfortunately, you can’t :frowning: (not that I know of).

CF has two layers (three including component monitor). Outbound traffic consist of being prompted by an application rule first and then network monitor second (which permits outbound connections by default). For inbound traffic (which is blocked by default by network monitor) you would then be prompted for an application rule (if allowed through network monitor first). Hope that makes sense.


Sure it makes sense.
But not sure I will like it !!

If I use my example, for DNS access, that means that I need to have as many DNS rules as applications which are using DNS requests (browser, ping.exe, mail, …).
I cannot use this kind of configuration, too difficult to maintain.

If there is no other way to do that, I’m afraid Comodo FW does not fits my needs.

This will depend on the frequency level used. Using the default setup, once you have allowed port 53, all other ports for that application will be allowed (for that direction).


I’m not sure to understand what you mean.

you wrote :
once you have allowed port 53
do you mean allowed using a network rule ?

you wrote :
Using the default setup
what exactly is this default setup ? I like to custom a FW the way I need, and don’t really rely on default setup. Or I need to understand what exactly is the behavior of the default one.

Thanks for your help.

I have the same concerns when allowing an entire LAN.
Let’s say I want to allow all traffic between all machines in the same LAN.
I can create 2 network rules to allow both inbound and outbond traffic with this LAN (there is a wizard for it).

But then I need to create a rule per application !