DNS problem


I use COMODO DNS servers and
3 days ago I encountered a problem with this web site: vk.com
this is how it began to look:

this is how it should look:

when I change DNS it looks properly.

Ho, I thought that Comodo sec DNS have diferent IP… Free Comodo Secure DNS | Best DNS Security Solution 2022

The newer service in beta has different addresses than the older service. The addresses listed on the SecureDNS page are for the newer service.

The last time I used Comodo’s DNS I had intermittent DNS resolution issues so I just stopped using it. Apparently there’s still issues. You should just use a different service.

Talking about DNS server for that is down. And I can’t get any internet. I tested the settings by putting it as my Primary dns and I got no internet. So I tested the both Beta dns server addresses and they are running fine. So I switched back my setting via my router to DNS server 1 to and DNS server 2 as and all is running Fine.

Just infomation I thought I share.