DNS problem for one site

I have problem to visit one website: www.go2eu.com by Comodo’s DNS. It is a forum about travel.

If I visit by my ISP’s DNS server, there is no problem at all.

If I visit by Comodo’s DNS server, it returns: Sorry, “www.go2eu.com” does not exist or could not be found
If I ping go2eu.com when using Comodo DNS server, it will return an IP address.

Can anybody give me some idea?

Thank you.

:(I have the same problem for the “Fast Explorer” site, I can access the site with no problems but when I try to download the program I get a white page that simply says “DNS Error”! I have had to go to “Softpedia” to download the file but I cannot find the other file I need anywhere else!

This along with other problems with “Comodo” are starting to become real annoying ISSUES! I have actually considered a different Security solution!

Additionally I see once again no one from Comodo has bothered to address this issue. :-TD