DNS over HTTPS ?

Tried enabling support for DNS over HTTPS (aka DOH) by providing the Dragon with
command-line option ’ --enable-features="dns-over-https '… as per (external link):

It didn’t seem to work as expected, hence the question : was current Comodo dragon
release compiled with the experimental DOH support included ?

Auxiiary/supplementary question : where could we find a complete up-to-date list of
working Dragon command line options, please ?

Keep on the good work, TIA !

Hello Czerno,Yes it is, i do no not advise you to use experimental chromium features found over the internet, u can find the list of commands u want by typing in the search bar chrome://flags/ and the command you seek highlighted in the photo attached, i can confirm that it works see photo attacked 2. CD has a build in DNS u can use that one if u want more protection, best of Luck

Hi Sergiu ! I’m glad to hear you have DOH available in chrome://flags,
but for some reason our “dragons” are different in this respect, mine does NOT
have that available. I’m running the stock version 77.0.3865.121 (64 bits) on Windows 10 Pro. Different OS and/or Comodo versions and/or trial experiments provided by Google to randomly selected users ? And/or the experiment/flags can be “unhid” from the command-line (which was my first thought)…

Not that this matters crucially, I was just eager to try out and play with DOH. I’m sure it’s a thing, good or bad, will come to a computer near me sooner or later …

Hello Czerno, i’m sorry you are right the current live version does not contain this flag, we will see if we can include it in the next version, the flags are not hidden they where not included in v77. they are same for all users