DNS Manager, Web Filtering, Comodo Dome Shield offline manager

will be great comodo to develop DNS Manager & web filtering on offline pc.
can be part of comodo firewall, but WITH much more details, like: easy to see groups/lists, like blacklisted web pages, blacklisted ip’s, domains, subdomanins, blacklisted ports, to modify them, to add or to remove any blacklisted page or ip, or port.
Easy to see whitelist groups/list like: ip’s, web pages, ports, domains, subdomains etc.
Easy to manage category rules, security rules, everything…
Just like Comodo Dome, but installed offline.

Comodo Dome Shield look like spyware agent on users pc, everything which is opened on browser is registered on Comodo Dome Shield web account, and is not functional application, does not block what i add to block list, does not block malware domains…
I like something like this, but functional

I tried this as home user and I must say its good but for a home user that is not to good with computers
this is very hard to setup you should have download agent great tool but make options for users to check on what
they want to be protected from malware/adware from webpages and risky sites then comodo dome does the rest
to protect the user just my thought on this or add it to comodo internet security one less thing to download seperate