DNS IP Question


Could someone tell me what “wvbizdns02” is and whether it should be an IP address in DNS? Is this a legit DNS Server IP address?


It connects to wvbizdns02.imsbiz.com(ns7.imsbiz.com) =

Hong Kong.

imsbiz.com hosts to pccw.com

pccw.com provides you that address.

Are you live in Hong Kong?

Hi Creasy

No, UK.

When I looked at this laptop previously, it was using the wireless router for DNS (Tesco ISP, I think). Not sure how this got added though ??? as I don’t think the person who owns the laptop, would have added this manually.

Oddly, on their other laptop (which I was told the internet wasn’t working) was still using the router for DNS (which had worked previosuly). As the other laptop worked (surfing) with this strange IP address, I added to the other laptop, which worked also.

Would like to know if this is a valid DNS IP or should continur troubleshooting with the ISP’s DNS servers.


Hi Graham1.

I’ve traced them.
I think it’s legit.
Somebody was using Wi-Fi with your laptop, because you can use internet with Wi-Fi for free.
(or your ISP is using one of their services)
That’s why it has that dns I think.


But you can find better DNS service.

Hi Creasy

Thanks for putting my mind at rest :). I’ll carry on troubleshooting the ISP’s DNS settings as that is what it should be using.


Not at all.