dns behaviour

Every dns server I try fails to load secure pages such as ebay sign in & yahoo mail sign in. Only my ips dns & norton load them though norton loads slower. Any ideas?

I’m not sure that DNS is the cause here, DNS only translated names to numbers. No matter if your about to use it http or https.

Can you ping www.google.com for example and see if it returns an IP? and use that IP in your browser see if it trows the https error page.


The https you give shows a certificate error. As I say though if I use my ips dns I have no problems but others I do this has only started today so maybe its my ips fault?

Could be causing delays but not being able to connect to https sounds a bit strange to me.
Is the IP link provided also ‘slow’ if you use an other DNS (shouldn’t be because DNS isn’t involved in this action).

I can log in with comodo but ebay. paypal & yahoo extremely slow. The link you gave me was instant.

Did you try to reboot your internet modem, or verify it’s statistics to see if your link is ‘dirty’ or your router up for a reboot?
If not it’s likely an issue with your ISP and their peering traffic, might be worth shot to verify there website for issues, or call them to verify.

Yes I have rebooted didn’t do anything but things seem to be settling down now. This happens quite a bit but to normal sites not secure ones so I think it’s down to my isp. Just checked their site some parts of the country are having problems. However if I use their dns no problem!