dlna server

Windows 7 64, trying to share my media to my network.
Running serviio dlna server.
Nothing on the network see’s the serviio server. It appears to be running fine.
Been through the help on the serviio and netgear (router) firums, seems everything boils down to it is not leaving my PC, most likely a firewall issue.
If I go into active connections, it shows serviioservice listening on TCP 8895
The serviio forums had me download and install some dlna developers tools, one of which is called device spy. Also load it on a laptop not running serviio.
Running on my local it shows serviio server, but running on my laptop I can see serviio.
My laptop can see my Droid (running 2player) and xbox however, in case that matters other than they don’t go through my PC.
So what am I missing on the CIS side to allow this to be seen on my network?


My Apologies for the late reply;

Server connects to the router | your PC Connects to the router

Do you know the IP of the server?
If so;
Go to CIS > Firewall > Steatlh Port Wizard > Define a New Trusted NEtwork > I would like to define the new trusted network > enter the Server’s Address Details > Ok

Then restart your PC, you should be able to see the server;;
to confirm, could you ping the server’s IP Addres

Hope this helps


Sorry, the dlna server is a software server running on my Win 7 PC. It is not a separate hardware server.
It seems the firewall is stopping it from getting to the router so other devices can see it.


Stealth port wizard > define a new trusted network > ‘Select the Network that you defined earlier’

IF you have forgottten
Firewall > Network Security Policy > Network Zones (You should see your IP address with a group name above it that is the one you select in ‘define a new trusted network’

Hope this helps