I really like your product, BUT, every time I access a folder or the internet I get an error on dllhost.exe. I’ve said trust it, block it, allow it, and exclude checking it, but I keep getting an error. If this can’t be resolved, I’ll have to remove the software. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

dllhost.exe is a Microsoft Certified file, so you are not supposed to get the message.

If you are getting a popup for dllhost.exe, it only means that the file is infected, probably by “Virut” virus, which is not still detected by CAV. I myself have submitted some samples to Comodo Labs for verification (they are not yet detected)

Download Malwarebytes Antimalware and do a full scan of the system.

You can also upload the file to “www.virustotal.com” to verify whether it is “virut” infected or not.

I’m having the same problem (not just with dlllhost.exe though).

I’m scanning with MBAM now and Virustotal said almost nothing.

What to do?

I runned a CIS Diag. and it corrected some error. Maybe that was the problem?