DLL injection two weeks later

OK so after two weeks as suggested i turned DLL injection check back on, and CPU spikes are right back when loading heavier pages and emule running.

Sorry to see it failed, drob. I don’t know if I should recommend you to file a support ticket, but I did and they replied that they will investigate it at their lab. So far that means it’s inconclusive. :(. Hopefully the next version will bring miracles.

Lets say it like this - Comodo is stable, very very stable, in two weeks running i didn’t see any faults, bsod, crashes or whatever else. resources keep around 8-16mb depended on time running, i am really essentially happy with it, needed some time to understand its way of work with traffic shaping, coming from outpost, but did i say its very stable already? ;D

Overall stability from a standard user’s persective? Yes. :slight_smile: