Dissapointment in CFP 3

I had CFP 3 installed and running for 2 - 3 days. the first few problems with it was that it would Freeze winXP during loading of the dekstop at times for no reason. So when it came to the next reboot WinXP would do a chkdisk scan sometimes and find corrupted clusters & files and fix it.

well I put up with all that cos i really liked the firewall even with its nuisances.
The crunch came when suddenly my Printer was no longer setup properly in WinXP and missing in the Prtiner and Faxes icon in control panel, due to CFP and its wrecking the system files on each bootup and windows having to try to fix everything on each chkdisk scan.

anyway, i tried uninstalling the printer software suite after i set CFP into installation mode and CFP wouldn’t let me uninstall it in peace, talk about 50 or so popups repeatedly asking me to allow it to unistall while the software was uninstalling (:AGY)
anyway I just thought UGH! and closed CFP 3 down, so the uninstall could finish instead of taking hours.

after the uninstall I had to reboot, once i did thats when the chaos began, Winxp wouldn’t complete loading at the desktop it would just freeze, so i kept on manually rebooting on each attempt and thats when system file and disk corruption began to take place >:( and this only got worser and worser in each succession.

when Winxp did load completely I used the custom uninstall tool from my printers manufacturer site to completey uninstall any setup files/drivers for my printer

after the uninstall I needed to reboot and to try and install my printer back, well cos of CFP 3 trying to get back into WinXP became a nightmare. just more disk corruption and file corruption when WinXP tried loading, scandisk at bootup started to become the norm lol.
my secondary HD by this point had its sectors courrpted :frowning:

by this point even safe mode began to freeze if i tried to boot that way, but luckily after a few attempts at that it finally got into safe mode and then it was bye bye to CFP 3.0 for me, I had to uninstall it or risk it physically corrupting my HD beyond repair and worse losing gigaworths of important files. After that i did a couple of restores and removed as much traces of w/e and atleast some of the system files that got corrupted got replaced with the restore.

anyway fortunately winxp scandisk was able to repair the sectors to my HD afterwards It took about 6 hours for it to do it, :o but i just went to sleep for most of them hours while it got on with it hehe…and phew! it fixed it

after CFP 3.0 was gone i tried installing my printer back but it wouldn’t install anymore. took a qhile to work out why, but turned out the service SPOOLSV.EXE was set to manual and needed to be on automatic, why it suddenly got changed to that in a day or 2 I can’t say, only a few services I had locked down and altered for security reasons and that wasn’t in the last few days and my printer was still functioning and setup right in WinXP. anyway i changed that service to how it needed to be then I got my printer to install back and function again.

I have no idea as yet what other devices or services or apps CFP 3.0 had buggered up due to its system corruption of winxp upon bootup, but oh well I’ll get to trying my other devices and going through each apps and what not to see what needs fixing.

So there you go my experiences with the new firewall, I liked the firewall and comodo, but after all that I had to draw a line, CFP 3.0 is more of a security threat or as much as any deadly virus or malware lol. whatever code or script I’ve not seen anything play as much havoc on a system and physical components as CFP 3.0 has done. well ok there was the I love U virus, or was another one in 2002 that eventually caused some components in PC’s to eventually go bad, well mostly harddrives, due to the sectors being played Havoc with and mobo’s some

anyway I have to say so long to CFP 3.0 firewall I can’t let the firewall wreck my PC and just go and build another one, nor do i want to go through the aggro when this PC is new enough i only built it several months ago when i needed a new system.

the 2 comodo software i trust and will be keeping that cause no probs and aren’t malicious are BOclean and Verification Engine.

I wish Comodo the best with their new firewall and maybe someday I’l risk installing and trying it, until then all the best. I think WinXP firewall will be fine for me for now since my router is equipped with a SPI firewall. I hope so anyway I’ll be happy with just being well secured from inbound stuff and i’ll use my nugget for outbound stuff lol, Maybe would be nice if BOclean itself got a prevention feature, as long as its not the same one as CFP 3 lol

anyway its out for me but all the best and i hope CFP 3.0 changes drastically to where its (forget about User friendly,) PC friendly!! lol

sorry for the long post but I thought I'd share my experience in detail lol

That’s not a good experience with CFP3, but thanks for the feedback :wink:
I hope you’ll be able to use a later release of CFP3 when it comes.

And yes, it’s was a long post, took me MINUTES to read :o


Hi Ragwing,

sorry about the long post lol.

and yeah it turned out to be one hell of an experience :o
would have been good if I did an image backup, but i stopped doing that when I got a 153gb as my primary hd which can’t be partitioned correctly.

so not enough space on my 2nd hd to do an image of my main parition lol,
So i had to try and get everything to work instead of doing it the easy way ugh! lol

CFP 3.0’s main problem is to do with how it effects WinXP on a system level.
the major problem i found is that CFP 3.0 causes WinXP to freeze sometimes during loading up of the taskbar icons, and i have just over 20 icons in my tasbar for various programs a couple of them I have set to hidden, the last thing to load up would be CFP 3, but CFP is the one that takes a while to thats if it loads when it doesn’t the dektop just freezes while the hour glass icon is in some kind of suspension in time mode lol.
and then having to manually reboot eventually lead to one after the other corruption of system files which I guess chkdsk couldn’t eventually properly correct when it kept happening, which eventually lead to a total meltdown to put it metaphorically. :cry:

I hope you guys are able to recode CFP 3.0 and able to make sure it intergrets well with WinXP

anyway thank you for reading and for your comments :slight_smile:

It seems that most of your issues were with Defense+. I have also read somewhere that the issue seems to be that “ask” is broken, hence not all popups for permission/configuration present themselves… which I believe is the main culprit for the “hangs” you mention.

I have found issues myself when wanting to install/uninstall drivers… my work around is to set the Defense+ setting to Learn… this way Defense+ won’t ever prompt for permission, as it just learns what requested permission during the install/uninstall…and of course remember to set it back to a more secure setting afterwards :stuck_out_tongue:

You may have also found that your Pending Files list was full after your reboot… removing the files from this list may have also helped you.

Hi m0mg0d,

Yeah I think your right it was probably Defense+ causing most of the problems, but I must say the firewall began causing its fair share too :-\ like when i needed to install a new program or update, i would either first set the firewall into installation mode or when the pop up box came up I would choose Allow, Always Remember so it doesn’t keep on asking and Install updater but it seems the firewall would not listen and keep on popping up boxes asking the samething about what I want to let the file do

just a few issues that caused probs when my system became unstable towards the end.

as for pending files, that was something I would keep doing, I would check my pending files box and do a purge since most it had pending was redundant entries so it would remove it once i purged and anything left that was an app i trusted and intended on using like CureIt i’d just add it to my safelist of files.

towards the end when the system was no longer able to complete loading into WinXP and would freeze there probably was alot of pending files created, but if so then there is nothing I could have done about it, since CFP 3 caused my PC to freeze and i couldn’t access anything and had only one choice and that was to do a hard reboot. but as I’ve detailed the constant file corruption of the system files just made my PC unable to complete loading WinXP anymore and i had to then get into safe mode even though that began freezing at the first couple of attempts and uninstall CFP 3.0 to be able to fix my system

I have submitted a html log of my entire PC including which even include licences :-\eek! which i hope he destroys after he sees/uses the log lol
I hope Melih gets it and finds it useful in the further ironing out of CFP 3.

thanks for reading my post and your comments and perspective on it :slight_smile:

I had a similar experience after installing V3 yesterday. I use Vista and could not get beyond the Welcome screen where it just froze. I tried opening in Safe Mode to see if it might clear any glitches but there was no improvement. I had to do a lot of rebooting and at the moment have uninstalled Comodo and now find I can go straight to my desktop thereby proving Comodo was the culprit. I was so looking forward to this firewall and now have to depend on Windows Firewall. I’ll probably do a reinstall and take on board the Defense+ setting.

I’m experiencing this problem as well. I had Comodo firewall 3 installed and the constant popups were bugging me to no end. I read about other issues on this forum and decided to go back to version 2.4. So I uninstalled version 3 and installed version 2.4. I did this in normal mode.

I came in this morning and turned my computer on only to discover that it will not completely load windows. It sits at the Windows XP splash screen. I’ve tried several times to load it in safe mode and it freezes there as well.

What should I do? Should I keep restarting in hopes that it will load eventually? If it does load what files should I look for to delete? Like I said I’ve uninstalled version 3 already.

This is bad :frowning: There is stuff on there I need to keep. Any help is appreciated.

Edit: Nevermind. Problem pretty much solved.

Well I took the plunge and reinstalled V3 but this time only Basic, just in case and so far, touch wood CFP is running smoothly, no complaints. How long this will last, who knows but this time round it’s been fair sailing.