Displaying the trust logo top left


I have recently purchased a Comodo certificate for my digital music site (supplied through an affiliate) and am trying to implement the trust logo.

The current Comodo logo is obviously designed for positioning in the bottom right of the page, which is space we have already reserved for important functionality for our site. We have a space top left which is just crying out for a logo here (The Microsoft Windows Media Player license acquisition window displays its secure site padlock graphic top left, rather than bottom right).

I have taken a look through the COT.js javascript and notice the 3rd parameter is “LogoPosition”, but this is currently unused.


  • Is there a way of displaying the logo top left rather than bottom right?
  • Is there an alternative logo which would look better were it displayed top left?
  • Are there plans to offer this? If so please can we be registered as potential beta-testers!
  • Am I able or allowed to develop my own logo and functionality contained within COT.js to do what I want (I’d obviously much rather use an official graphic/script!!)

Many thanks,



Would really appreciate an answer on this, as I have a looming deadline.

A previous post mentions the use of the Comodo authentic logo - can someone point me to where I can find an official version of this?

Hi Gary,

I’m sorry but COT will only display at the bottom right of the screen. I would recommend giving our sales team a call who can provide you the old TrustLogo which can be dynamically positioned.

remember… CSS control appareance… and you can put ur webpages items wherever u want.