Display listening interface

It would be good to be able to see IP of listening interface at listening ports.

Edited> TCP TCP
or 83.xxx.xxx.xxx:port TCP

makes big difference

Even “Listening on IP” could help, and I think it’s even better, then Interface

Well, by interface it is usually meant IP, or as all IP available.

Ok, It’s look like we talking about same things but in different terms =)
For me “Interface” means “Logical Network Card”, and IP - is IP on the Interface =)

No problem here, I am familiar with terms. The reason I used interface was net monitoring tools and many software are using it very often when referring de facto to its IP.

I added some ideas from this suggestion to “my” “AIO” list - Point(s) 11.1. If you have some free time please check my post if it’s fitted with your idea.

Thank you!

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