[DISMISSED] WARNING: Error connecting to licensing server.

I installed CESM Server and it detected perfectly my 10 endpoints free license.
After installing CES in the server and restarting, I got the error message that is in the subject of this topic.

I uninstalled CES from the server, leaving only CESM Server, but the error message still appears.
I have 2 servers and in both the same error message appears.

Please see screenshot attached below.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi w-e-v,

Any news on this since our chat yesterday?


No. My 3 PCs of my little Lab are ruined (included ESM Server). The motherboards of all 3 are burnt. :frowning: (sniff)
So I have to fix this hardware issue so I can bring back my Lab and do the testing you requested.

Money, money, money… :-\

That’s awful. Did you have a lightning striking?

We used to use these…


for clients on a tight budget


No, I guess the socket where they were connected is the problem. Pretty bad, eh?

You know… I thought because there were for testing (Lab) purposes and they are not turned on all the time, that they might not need UPS. But I was completely wrong. I will take a look at those you mentions for my little Lab. :slight_smile: