DiskShield Don't support TrueCrypt encrypted System

Don’t support TrueCrypt encrypted System

  1. Windows XP SP3
  2. Amd & Intel CPU
  3. ZoneAlarm, Avira antivirus
  4. After I installed DiskShield_Setup_1.0.51539.35_XP_VISTA_x32_BETA.msi witnin TrueCrypt encrypted System, the second partition’s (driver letter is D) drive letter lost, and I had to uninstall DiskShield and assign a driver letter for it to recover it.

TrueCrypt can download at truecrypt.org

And at the same time, DiskShield do not support TrueCrypt encrypted System, after install and restard the computer, the services of DiskShield is not able to start(the staus of this service is auto), and there no drive shows in the DiskShield’s main window.

And would please to add the multilanguage support?