Hi All

I am using Win XP SP3 CPF Avast Home & Firefox3.

Just installed latest version and I find imy system definitely slower than when DiskShield was not installed.


  1. Since there is no help file perhaps someone can help me in grasping the main thrust of the new version

a) If I do NOT invoke a virtual drive and I elect to save a session, then any downloads and or other changes to my hard drive are saved directly to my real drive?

b) If I invoke a virtual drive and save a session then NOTHING is saved to the real drive, however any changes are saved to the virtual drive?

c) If the above is correct, AND I decide that the changes I saved to the virtual drive I now wish to save them to the real drive. Can it be done? If so how?

Thanks for your help


^ How does Diskshield work? ^

^ More info ^

Hello Terrywood,

(1) read above ^
(A) No changes are ever done to your “real” drive.
(B) Yes that is correct. Sometimes you might like to test an app on your virtual drive, and if you like it - disable disk shield and copy\paste :slight_smile:
(C) ^ Above ^

I hope this answers your questions… Kyle