disk tray keeps opening and closing

Thanks for the help on the other virus problem I had, but now my sister has a virus problem. The disk tray keeps opening and closing and she can’t get on the internet. The little window that says that their are updates available came up and she clicked on it and it started to mess up.

Hi ericd,

Can you follow this thread please.

First, Start your sister’s PC in ‘Safe mode with networking’ it will disable alot of malware, try accessing the internet there and downloading those programs.

If your sister still can’t access the internet, Download those programs from your PC and hopefully you have some kind of USB to put the programs on.


Ontop of what Josh said… It may be able to copy it’s self onto your Usb. So just watch what goes on it :slight_smile:

There was a windows XP service pack 3 thing installed on her computer and when we removed it the disk tray stopped going in and out and now the computer is working just fine. Could that be what caused the computer to mess up like it did?

Unfortunately, the instabilaty of Microsoft software is such that the removal of such a massive SP 3 update, would probably make any Windows XP pc very unstable. You might consider repairing or rerunning the XP setup files, for this could fix the problems.

You should of left XP SP3 on. I recommend reinstalling it.


The reason why my sister and I took the service pack update off is because somebody at my sister’s work that is one of the lead computer people there said that he had that problem and his computer and several other computers. When he took it off it fixed it. Should we put it back on or should we leave it off? My sister’s computer is still working just fine.

Many things, online are off, are going to be problems!

For the majority of cases, Keep XP SP3 unless it did cause a problem.