disk space usage

I’m just finding the need to free up some space on my C drive and I noticed that comodo 10 has taken a whopping great 32gb chunk out of it in the program data folder! Nothing else I have uses anywhere near this amount.

Hi Rabnoolas,
What is the exact location taking up so much space?
Something doesn’t seem quite right, mine is around 220 MB.

Thank you.

I was just having a look at that. It’s the windows/program data/comodo/CisDumps folder. It has 151 dmp files totaling just over 32Gb. Surely it doesn’t need to get that many? One of the is very small and starts cavwp.exe and is dated January last year, the rest start with cmdagent.exe and have all been created from about mid July until now and are all about 200 odd Mb each. I’ve had comodo quite a long time, so its only been doing it recently. Can I delete them?

Memory dumps are created in that folder whenever a Comodo process crashes (cmdagent, cis, cavwp) you should delete all but the most recent memory dump. Then run a diagnostic report which will contain the only memory dump from that folder and put it in a zip folder, which you should upload and share the link to see why cmdagent is constantly crashing. Do you have any other security software installed?

I will do that, then I’ll keep an eye on it, see if I can determine when it happens. I’m guessing that its supposed to delete the previous dump when it writes a new one but isn’t doing it. I’m wondering if it has anything to with that recognisers update locking at 61% everytime or that odd windows thing that keeps briefly reporting that av/firewall is not running when it actually is. I’ve seen lots of posts about those things going back a very log time but no solution. I’m not using anything else at the moment. Here is the diagnostic file:



Looks like you are running 6254 which had reported crashing of cmdagent which is fixed in 6258 build. You should uninstall, reboot, and install the newer version to see if that fixes your issue. You can export your current config then import it again after installing the newer version.

Thank you, Futuretech, I incorrectly assumed it was on the right version due to automatic updates. Maybe its failed, I will do as you suggest and install the correct version over the weekend when I have more time. It’s not going to install that Internet security essentials thing as well, is it?

If ISE was installed previously and then it becomes uninstalled then it won’t install again. If ISE was never installed before then it will get installed, but in a newer CIS release it will be optional.

Thanks, the uninstaller just locks up anyway, it won’t uninstall now.

The old version uninstall just kept crashing and when I restarted it just threw up errors and wanted a re install. I installed the new version and despite telling it NOT to install comodo dragon and secure shopping it did so anyway. And I can’t even use the internet without keep popping up some secure shopping ■■■■. I jus hope I can successfully get rid of all this stuff, I am now sick of comodo, It used to be good but now all its done is ■■■■■ up my computer and waste tons of my time.